List of Best PTP (Paid To Promote) Sites

1. AdPays
AdPays is a premium ad network specialize in some advertising format.
Company Name: AdPays Payment Method: Paypal, Bitcoin
Country: Canada
Commission Type: CPCCPMPOPAdult
Minimum Payment: $1
Payment Frequency: On Request
Contact Info: E-Mail –
Status: Paying

2. Adz2you
Adz2you – Earn cash from your website traffic. It is very easy to earn money: use two types of banners (468×60 and 125×125 px) or Direct Link.
Company Name: Adz2you
Payment Method: PaypalPerfect money
Country: Israel Commission Type: CPM, PTP
Minimum Payment: No Minimum
Payment Frequency: Daily
Contact Info: E-Mail –
Status: Paying

3. Skillerz PTP
Statistics updated in real time, Highest cpm ever, Accepting jingling and other traffic exchanges…
Company Name: Skillerz PTP
Payment Method: PaypalBitcoin
Country: India
Commission Type: PTP
Minimum Payment: $1
Payment Frequency: On Request
Status: Paying

4. Cpm-Ad
Cpm-Ad is one of the most innovative and the fastest developing advertising networks in the industry.
Company Name: Cpm-Ad Payment Method: Paypal
Country: Romania Commission Type: CPMPOPPTP
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Frequency: WeeklyNET7NET30
Contact Info: E-Mail –
Status: Paying

5. MediaCPM
Company Name: MediaCPM Payment Method: Paypal
Country: Poland Commission Type: CPMPOPPTP
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Frequency: On Request, WeeklyBi-Weekly,NET7, NET30
Contact Info: E-Mail –
Status: Paying

6. Traffic2Bitcoin
Traffic2Bitcoin is simple Bitcoin iFrame PTP (Paid to Promote) Network for both Advertisers and Publishers – Earn Bitcoins by Promoting Your PTP Link.
Company Name: Traffic2Bitcoin Payment Method: Bitcoin
Country: Syria Commission Type: CPMPTP
Minimum Payment: ฿0.0005
Payment Frequency: Instant 
Contact Info: E-Mail –
Status: Paying

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