Top GPT Sites That Really Pay in 2022 (Start Earning Now)

Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites are a great, fun, and easy way to make some extra cash online – and if you join the legit ones, they are also completely free.

There are hundreds of these sites available, BUT not all of them are worth your time – in fact, many are a waste of time.

To get success with these sites, you need to join the best of them.

I have tested hundreds of sites and test new sites all the time and to make it easy for you to find the best ones, I have created a list with 6 top GPT sites – all of them are legit, they definitely pay, and give you good chances of earning some extra money online for free.

Why GPT sites are a great way to earn!

GPT is short for Get-Paid-To, and GPT websites are sites, where you can earn by doing different tasks online.

The exact ways you can earn depends on the specific sites you join.

But usually, you can, for example, earn by taking surveys, downloading apps, signing up for free trials, taking online offers, doing micro-tasks, playing games, doing social media tasks, clicking ads, watching videos, surfing the internet, participate in free contests, and more.

On the list below you can see which sites offer which opportunities, so you can find the ones with the earning methods you prefer.

Some things that make GPT sites a great place to earn are:

  • Free to join
  • Everyone can do it
  • Sites for more or less all countries
  • You can earn when and where you want to
  • You can start earning right away
  • Many ways to earn

Compared to other ways of making money online GPT sites has some advantages.

You can do it completely for free, you will start making money right away, and everyone can do it – these advantages are quite unusual for online money-making methods.

However, before you start using GPT sites, you need to know what you can expect in terms of earnings.

It can be a great way to make some really nice extra money, if you join several of the top paying GPT sites, and use them regularly.

You do however need to be aware that it will not be a way to make a full-time income online. If you expect to be able to quit your regular job after joining GPT sites, you will be disappointed, and this is important to know.

But if you want to make some extra nice cash or other rewards when and where you want to, this is one of the easiest and safest ways – you just need to do it with the right expectations.

How do you get paid?

How you can get paid is, of course, important to know before you start investing your time.

And the good news is that no matter your preferences, you will be able to find GPT sites that offer payout methods for you.

Each site offers different payment methods. Some of the most common payout methods are PayPal cash, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and Prepaid Visa.

So whether you are looking for the best Bitcoin GPT sites, the best sites to earn cash, ways to get free gift cards, or basically any other reward you can think of, then there are great options for you on the list below.

On the list below, you can see exactly which payout methods each of the sites offer so you can easily and quickly find the right ones for you.

How did the best GPT websites get selected?

With so many GPT websites out there, you might wonder how I selected the ones to be on this list.

The list has been put together by looking at a number of different factors and by thoroughly testing sites myself.

I have tested hundreds of sites over the last 5-6 years and I test new sites all the time and compare them with each other.

I for example look at the number of earning methods, the number of daily opportunities, bonuses, payout methods, payout threshold, user-friendliness, rewards in relation to time spent, support opportunities, and more.

Looking at all this together have created the list below to give you a list of the Get-Paid-To sites with the best opportunities.

Which ones are the absolute best for you can, however, vary depending on the country you live in, and of course on your personal preferences.

But on the list below you can see what each site offers, and where it is available, and then you can join the ones that fit your needs and country the best.

I want to just again mention that this is not a complete list of all the GPT website out there. I have seen websites, for example, post a list with the top 100 GPT sites – the problem about this is that a list like this will have a lot of poor sites on it as well, and mostly just have superficial info.

I have instead focused on creating a quality list that will make it easy for you to find the best and right sites for YOU, so you can start earning quickly.

The list will continuously be updated, as I test new sites, and as the current sites develop, so make sure to bookmark this page and come back once in a while to check for new opportunities.

The best GPT sites

To get the most earning opportunities, it is a good idea to join several GPT sites.

If you have never used these sites before, I recommend joining 5-7 for a start – this will give you plenty of opportunities to earn, and you will still have time to explore each of them and learn to get the most out of the opportunities. You can then always join more later.

But let’s now get to the best sites:

#1 – Fusionscash

Available in: More or less worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, PM, WMZ, Payeer CS:GO skins, gift cards

Short summary:
Fusionscash is one of the newer GPT sites but already deserves a spot here on this list of the best GPT sites as it has a lot of good opportunities, it is easy to use, and it pays fairly well for your time.

If you are looking for a top Bitcoin GPT site, then this is definitely a good choice as it has a very low payout threshold. You can get paid in Bitcoin already when you have earned $0.10.

It also has other great rewards as, for example, PayPal cash, other cryptocurrencies, and gift cards. If you join through the invitation link below, you will get a $1 joining bonus into your account right away.

#2 – Prize24h

Available in: More or less worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, PM, WMZ, Payeer CS:GO skins, gift cards

Short summary:
Prize24h is definitely one of the best get-paid-to sites, and one of the sites I have had the most success with myself. It is very easy to use and offers many daily opportunities to earn.

You can, for example, earn by taking surveys, taking offers, doing micro-tasks, downloading apps, inviting friends, participate in free contests, get free promo codes, and it has a great bonus system, where you get more advantages the more active you are.

In addition to this Prize24h has some great payout methods, as you can get paid in cash through PayPal already when you have earned $5, which will not take long, or you can choose between many different gift cards. Definitely a GPT site worth joining.

#3 – Grabcoint

Available in: All countries but most opportunities in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain
Payout methods: PayPal, PM, WMZ, Payeer, gift cards

Short summary:
Grabcoint is another of the absolute top GPT sites, and in terms of members, it is also one of the biggest. It is easy to use and has a lot of ways you can earn.

You can take surveys, watch videos, surf the internet, take offers, get cashback when shopping online, play games, get a daily activity bonus, and if you join through the invitation link below, you will even get a $1 joining bonus (depending on your country – you can read full details through the link above).

The payout threshold depends on the reward you want, but some rewards you can claim already when you have earned $1-$2. Grabcoint offers to pay out through PayPal and also has a big selection of gift cards, so you can definitely find great rewards here no matter your preferences.

#4 – Cointifly

Available in: Worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, Payeer, PM, WMZ, Skrill, Amazon gift cards, other gift cards

Short summary:
Cointifly is a good GPT site, that is fairly easy to use, and it is available worldwide.

It especially has many survey opportunities, but you can also earn by taking offers where you can find a lot, you can play games, do micro-tasks, and it has a great daily activity bonus. At times, it can take patience to find the surveys you qualify for, but it, in general, has many opportunities.

Cointifly has several great ways you can get paid, as you can get paid through PayPal, Payeer, PM, WMZ, Skrill, Amazon gift cards, and other gift cards. The payout threshold depends on your chosen payout method but it starts at $5.

#5 – FoxGPT

Available in: Worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payeer, instant PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin

Short summary:
FoxGPT is a GPT site with many daily opportunities. At first, it can take a bit of time to get used to it and learn to navigate, but with a little patience, it gives great earning opportunities.

You can, for example, earn by taking surveys, it has many online offers through several offerwalls, you can watch videos, click ads, and participate in its free contest.

The number of opportunities varies from country to country, but it has good options for many countries, and it is very fast to get paid there. You can request a payout already when you have earned $1 and get paid through PayPal, instant PayPal, Skrill, Amazon gift cards, or Bitcoin.

#6 – NeatPaid

Available in: Worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards

Short summary:
Even though the name suggests Neatpaid is purely a survey site, it has expanded into being a GPT site and therefore deserves a spot on this list of the best GPT sites as it is very easy to use and gives good opportunities in the countries it is available in.

In addition to taking paid surveys, you can also find several offerwalls as a member where you can earn by downloading apps, playing games, signing up for free trials, and more. And you can also earn by inviting friends to join. However, there is no doubt the best way to earn on Branded is by taking the surveys.

Just be aware that you can only join if you live in the US, UK, or Canada. But if you live in one of these countries, it will be easy to reach the $5 payout threshold and you can then choose to get paid via PayPal or choose between many different gift cards.

That was the list of the top-paying GPT sites with the best opportunities if you want to make some extra cash online.

Remember that you will get more earning opportunities, if you join several sites, as many of the sites have different offers. The list will also regularly be updated, so make sure to bookmark this page and come back and check it out once in a while.

If you have any comments, questions, or know of any great GPT site you think belongs on this list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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